I’ve written four works of fiction, including my most recent novella, The Assured Expectation of Things Hoped For. I’m editor-in-chief at Asymmetrical Press. I also, along with author Joshua Fields Millburn, teach a popular online writing class.

You can find my short-form writing, both fiction and non-, all over the internet. I write about the joys of analogue writing at The Cramped.

I was born in San Diego, California and grew up, for the most part, in Ohio. In high school, I won several awards as editor of my student newspaper, and I briefly studied journalism at Youngstown State University before dropping out. I spent the next few years drifting between Youngstown and Pittsburgh, working with the Deaf, waiting tables (seriously—I left school to wait tables)—and writing my first two books.

My first book, The Flute Player, was published in early 2013.

I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and most of the decisions I made until I was 23 (when I left the church) were made with religious goals in mind. My experiences as a Witness inspired my novella The Assured Expectation of Things Hoped For.

In October 2013, I drove for two days straight, from Ohio to Missoula, MT, and started working with The Minimalists, managing their 100-city book tour. That November, Asymmetrical released my second book, and first novel, Brand-Changing Day, a satire of corporate American chain restaurants.

I became Asymmetrical’s editor-in-chief in 2015 and have helped a half-dozen other authors release dozens of books into the wild.

I currently live in Helena, Montana, with my wife and our two cats, Worf and Oliver.