Praise for The Flute Player

“This book is worth reading for the prologue alone.”

—Chase Night, Author of Chicken and The Natural State

“Charmed and otherworldly from the first words, this novella is impossible to put down. It reads almost like a parable, with sentences packed so full of meaning I cannot wait to open it back up and dig deeper. Would that I could buy this for every single person I know!”

—Robyn Devine,

“I’ve been reading the prologue over and over again, as it is so fantastically worded and funny that I find joy in just reading it out loud to my son, my girlfriend and even the dogs.”

—Samuel Engelen, Author of Vigilante Day

“The story is beautiful written, with just the right amount of details. . . . The characters are complex and developed and even in the short amount of pages you get to feel related to them and want them to end up happy.”

—Kar Achondo, Pause Time book review blog

Praise for Shawn’s Professional Editing Services

“Shawn delivered high quality feedback in record time. His corrections and suggestions have compelled me to raise the bar for my own work and are helping me shape my own style. If you’re a writer, you owe it to yourself—and to your readers—to give your work this kind of treatment.”

—Samuel Engelen, Author of Vigilante Day

“A good editor not only improves a writer’s work, he improves a writer’s future work. That’s what Shawn Mihalik has done for me. In addition to regular copyediting, fishing for typos and grammatical errors, Shawn has helped me better shape my own voice as an author. He has edited several of my best-selling print books and currently edits the essays at our popular website,”

—Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists